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Sri Sarada Shilpa Kala Mandiram - Allagadda

Sri Sarada Shilpa Kala Mandiram is dedicated to enriching the tradition of sculpture which was established by Mahasilpi Durugadda Balaverachari (1926-1986), an outstanding sculptural artist, from Kurnool district in Andhra Pradesh state in southern India. The Kala Mandiram was established on March 26, 1950 at Allagadda in Kurnool district in AP. Since then the Mandiram has been making sculptures using traditional skills and as well as modern technologies.

Sri Sarada Shilpa Kala Mandiram done a fantastic job for this beautiful Gautama Buddha Statue
Sri Sarada Shilpa Kala Mandiram work done for Gautama Buddha

It’s a great privilege and source of pleasure for the Mandiram to take part in producing many monumental sculptures. Under the auspices of Sri Balaveerachari the mandiram could produce great masterpieces which were highly acclaimed. He was the person who supervised and guided the sculptural renovation works at Srisailam temple. His great works could be seen even today inside the premises of the Srisailam and Mahanandi temples. Several renowned personalities paid visits to the Mandiram. Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao, who is considered to be the symbol of Telugu pride, visited the work place of Mandiram in 1984. Sri Balaveerachari was also grandly felicitated with Kanakabhishekam at his home town of Allagadda.The memorable event was attended by several VIPs. He received a prestegious award in recognition of his outstanding achievement in the field of sculpture in the First World Telugu Conference way back in 1975. By leaving his own mark on the world, he had left the mortal world on 13.07.1986.

Bhuvana the current owner and artist of Sri Sarada Shilpa Kala Mandiram
Bhuvana - Artist and current owner of Sri Sarada Shilpa Kala Mandiram

After the demise of the great master, his son Sri Durugadda Ravindra Achari garu took charge of Sri Sarada Shilpa Kala Mandiram. He inherited his father’s artistic remarkable talent and became a great sculptor. He too has been creatively involved in the development of various forms of sculpture. He actively worked for the temples at Vittalapuram, Kanaganapalli, Santajuturu, Pittikunta, Mammuiddipalli, and Kolimigundla etc. He has created marvellous sculptures and earned global acclaim. He has given a new shape and a new dimension to the art of sculpting. After going through his creative works, one can visualize the quality and ability of artistic excellence of Indian sculptors. He has also been recently involved in the buddhavanam project works at Nagarjuna Sagar. In the footsteps of his father he too has made morvolus statues for the Forth World Telugu Conference held at Tirupati.

Sri Sarada Shilpa Kala Mandiram art work for garden decoration
Work for Garden

A Small Elephant Statue work done by Sri Sarada Shilpa Kala Mandiram
Elephant Statue Art Work

Sri Sarada Shilpa Kala Mandiram art work for church table decoration
Work Done for Church

Bhuvana, a graduate, looking forward to continuing the great tradition of the sculptural excellence. She has been associated with the prestigious Sri Sarada Shilpa Kala Mandiram and got deeply involved in sculpting. It is a matter of pride for her that the great master Sri Balaveerachri, who received global recognition of his outstanding achievement in the field of sculpture, was none other than her grandfather. It is also a matter of happyness for her that she is the daughter of renowned sculptor Sri Ravindra Achari. Their family is associated with creating sculpture works since the 1950s.They made many beautiful wall murals, idols of gods and godesses and  door frames for temples. They also make stone furniture like chairs, dining tables,sofas and benches for gardens, lawns and terraces. They combine traditional craft techniques and modern style. The minimum order of statues should be above 5000.

Sri Sarada Shilpa Kala Mandiram Statue for Temple decoration and prayer

Several standard types of stone used in sculptures and construction by the Sri Sarada Shilpa Kala Mandir. The types covered are Kadapa sand stone black stone, granite, limestone, and red stone etc. Now, Bhuvana wants to showcase the art work of Sculptures made and developed by her father and grandfather.

Sri Sarada Shilpa Kala Mandiram is open for visitors and customers from Monday to Saturday on the hours 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM Indian Standard Time. Sri Sarada Shilpa Kala Mandiram is closed on sundays. You can contact them on the following Telephone Number 8142711990.

You can contact Sri Sarada Shilpa Kala Mandiram by email : bhuvanad57@gmail.com

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