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Ramachandrapuram Village - History & Complete Details


Ramachandrapuram Village has its origin because of people who are migrated agriculture families from Sarkar region came to Ramachandrapuram in and around 1958. Approximately around 10 to 15 Families shifted from their native places to this place for the purpose of farming . This village is situated near to the Kurnool - Cuddapah ( K-C Canal ) . So many people thought its better to do farming beside a canal so their land can be fruitful for farming .

Some of the primary people who migrated to this village are the forefathers of the current families with Surname Thummala , Vemuri , Kadiyala , Moolpuri , Ari , Babburi , Konati , Donepudi , Sadda , Batthini etc. These families came to this place and brought agriculture land that belongs to both Chintakunta Panchayat and Kondapuram Panchyat . For Naming the village all the families came together and decided unanimously as Ramachandrapuram as everyone liked Lord Rama.

Ramachandrapuram Lake Dornipadu
Aerial View of Ramachandrapuram Village Lake

For the good prosperity and well being of the ramachandrapuram village , People like Vemuri Chennaiah gave his personal land for building Temple as well as for digging water wells for drinking water . Meanwhile people like Donepudi Venkateswar Rao, Talasila Lakshmaiah, Kadiyala Venkatasubbaiah also given land for digging small lakes for water.

People like Kadiyala Venkatasubbiah and Kadiyala Pratap Rao were elected as sarpanch to this village . After their legacy people like Koonam Varalakshmi, chowdaiah, nimmkayal malakondaiah were sarpanch . A total of more than Five hundred families and more than two thousand five hundred population and fourteen hundred voters lived in this village.

K.C Canal Ramachandrapuram Village
Beautiful View of K.C Canal from Ramachandrapuram Village

The Village people of Ramachandrapuram depends mostly in agriculture. 80 % of the people are mostly educated , Unlike many other villages , This village is very well developed . Almost all the area is covered with CC Roads and with proper working LED Street lights , This Village has Primary high school which covers from Lower Kinder Garden (L.K.G) to 7th Class , This village has a proper water tank at the moment for fulfilling the needs of the people of the Village.

Veterinary hospital is present in ramachandrapuram village to look after the animals that are used for cultivating the agriculture land . There is Vijaya Milk Dairy Collection Center in the village which collects milk from the households in the village and pays them monthly on the basis of the quality and quantity of milk provided to them . The Villagers has constructed Podhupu bhavan for women so that they can save money and have healthy discussions for the progress of the village.

Ramalayam Temple in Ramachandrapuram
Sri Ramalayam Temple in Ramachandrapuram Village

The Ramachandrapuram Village has Temples such as

  • Ramalayam
  • Sai Baba Temple
  • Veera Brahmeswara Temple 

This village has two churches as well . Holy Festivals like Vinayaka Chavithi, Sankranthi , Dussehra ,Deepavali & Sreerama navami are the main festivals in this village which are celebrated grandly . Sreerama Navami Kalyanam is celebrated very grandly by the villagers at ramalayam Temple . Food Donation and serving is done by this villagers voluntarily . Events such as Pandu Ranga Bhajana is conducted once every two years , almost many of the social and drama artists show their performance in this village along with all the village people . With this Pandu Ranga Bhajana agni gundam is performed along with pooja . During sankranthi festival Gramotsavam is conducated in the village for Lord Rama & Sita , During Sankranthi Festival thepposthavam is conducted in the lake of ramachandrapuram. Overall Ramachandrapuram has a lot of progress from the past few years . 

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