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Shilpakala Mandir & Stone Art in Allagadda

Allagadda is well known for its shilpakala works. It is one of India's Greatest place where statues are exported to many parts of the world . The Allagadda city has now more than 20 different Shilpakala Mandirs and are hugely popular.

India is known for its rich tradition of sculpture. It reached a peak of perfection during Gupta period dated back to 402 AD. Much of India’s sculpture was made for religious structures like Hindu temples and Buddhist shrines. Spirituality, mysticism and beauty were the main characteristics of the Indian sculpture. The finesse of Indian sculpture tells the tale of our great heritage and magnificent history. The quintessence of indian sculpture is to attain salvation through aesthetic experience. Like all forms of art of the Indian culture, sculpture is also believed to have a divine origin.

 Lord Vishwakarma is believed to be the lord of all the craftsmen. Traditionally He is considered to be the divine architect-engineer of the Universe. For that reason sculptors bow their heads in reverence to Lord Vishwakarma from whom they get divine inspiration for creating novel and amazing sculptures.

  1. Sri Srinivasa Silpakala Mandhiram
  2. Kalyani Silpa Kala Mandiram
  3. Sri Lakshmi Veera Bhadra Shilpa Kala Mandiram
  4. K Veerabhadra Chari Shilpa Kala Mandiram
  5. Sri Viswabharathi Silpa Kala Mandir
  6. Sri Vani Jagadeeswara Silpa Kala Mandiram
  7. Shri Sharada Shilpa Kala Mandiram
  8. Sri Vani Balamurali Achari Shilpa Kala Mandir
  9. Mohan Krishna Achari Kala Mandir
  10. Sri Vani Ramakrishna Silpashala
  11. Sri Bharati Silpakalamandiram
  12. Sri Raghavendra Shilpa Kala Mandir
  13. Shri Saraswathi Shilpashala
  14. Raghawendra Acharya Stone Workshop
  15. Vani Balasubramanyam Shilpashala
  16. Sri Vaniramakrishna Shilpasala

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